Loan for those in debt – check if it is possible

Are you in debt The creditor entered your data in the register of debtors? Or maybe due to wrong decisions, your credit history at BIK leaves a lot to be desired? If your bank has refused you a loan because of this, don’t wring your hands. By using a non-bank lender you can still get a loan. Even being in debt.

Borrowing money by a person in debt will definitely not be easy. Fortunately, it won’t be impossible either.

Bank loan for those in debt

debt loan

When applying for a loan in a bank, you must take into account that the lender will thoroughly review the amount and stability of your income, amounts of current financial obligations, credit history at the Credit Information Bureau and status at the Economic Information Bureaus.

Unfortunately, any scratches on your image will result in a negative decision. If you are indebted, have low BIK scores or your data is in the register of debtors, it will not be possible to get a bank loan.

However, an alternative to a bank loan may be to get a loan from a non-bank institution.

A non-bank loan for those in debt

A non-bank loan for those in debt

Contrary to popular belief, obtaining a non-bank loan by an indebted person will not be a proverbial piece of cake. Many lenders, like banks, verify the resources of BIK and BIGs, checking the credibility of a potential customer. So, the key to success is to find the institution that does not look into the “sensitive” base in the process of verifying its repayment ability.

Short-term payday without BIK

Short-term payday without BIK

Verifying your creditworthiness, banks and most loan companies look into the registers of the Credit Information Bureau. Low scoring in BIK can effectively cross your chances of receiving additional funds.

If you are also struggling with a negative credit history, submit an application to one of the institutions listed below:

  • Halopo┼╝yczka
  • Ferratum
  • Wandoo
  • Cheap Credit
  • Cash register maker
  • Ofin
  • Chwilówkomat

Quick Loan without BIG

An unfavorable credit history is not the only problem for indebted customers.

An obstacle to receiving money may also be entries in the databases of Economic Information Bureaus, colloquially called “registers of debtors”. If your data is in the National Debt Register, the loan will be given to you by Advance (formerly Cash) or Fenio. 

Loan with a bailiff

If your account was taken by a bailiff, it will be even more difficult to get a loan. However, there is a company on the market that will lend you money even with bailiffs.

Before you reach for a loan for those in debt

Remember that an ill-considered, impulse decision can significantly worsen your financial situation. So before you sign the loan agreement, make sure you can pay the debt back on time.

Even small repayment delays can expose you to costly and stressful consequences in the form of default interest, debt collection procedures and even court and enforcement proceedings.

Real estate loan: how to react to a request for direct debit of salary?

Are you about to sign a mortgage and your banker asks you to open a bank account to house all your income? Focus on your rights. When you sign a mortgage, in the mouth of the banker, the question of the bank account is obvious: you must open an account, transfer the regular debits, and domiciliate income, starting with salary.

Do you have the choice, or rather can you refuse this forced bank mobility? The legislator tried to put an order in these practices, via an ordinance published in June 2017. Before making reverse through the law Pacte, entered into force at the end of May 2019 What about today?

What does your banker have to say?

What does your banker have to say?

The attempt to supervise, aborted, had a consequence: the direct debit of the bank must be integrated into the commercial negotiation, to use the commentary on the internal amendment thanks to the Pacte law. In theory, the fact of domiciling your income in the lending bank is a negotiating element, to lower the credit rate, in the same way as borrower insurance, home insurance, the transfer of savings, the level of charges on the current account or even the subscription of shares in mutual benefit networks.

In fact, all the major banking networks make direct debit an essential element of real estate lending: in the vast majority of cases, if it is a question of financing the r main residence, the bank can accept concessions on the other elements of negotiation, but not on the domiciliation, or in a very exceptional way. Banks have the choice of their customers!

During the negotiation phase of the rate and the credit conditions, verbally, bracing yourself on the domiciliation of income may be counterproductive, detrimental to your financing conditions.

Can the bank impose a clause in the contract?

Can the bank impose a clause in the contract?

Contrary to the message peddled during the vote on the amendment of the deputies Dubost and Lescure, the Pacte law did not prohibit the domiciliation clauses! It only repealed the supervision measures in force since 2018. Result: the clause is neither prohibited nor authorized, it is a return to the previous situation: the vagueness. As confirmed by Mr. Feron-Poloni, it is now the recommendation of the Unfair Terms Commission dating from 2004 – which is authoritative. However, this commission deems it to be unbalanced with any clause of a loan offer obliging the borrower to domiciliate his income if this obligation is accompanied by no individual counterpart.

Translation? Any fuzzy clause is abusive! Good Finance goes further: A direct debit clause cannot be included in a framework contract, systematically, for all borrowers. As long as the rate grids are kept secret, the banks cannot demonstrate the reality of the counterparty.

Clearly, a bank can include a contractual clause on direct debit , but not in a generalized manner, and by clarifying clearly what is the advantage individualis. In this case, all costs related to direct debit (current account package or account maintenance costs, etc.) must be included in the calculation of the annual effective annual rate (1) .

Do you have to respect this direct debit?

Do you have to respect this direct debit?

To sum up, a borrower can hardly refuse the domiciliation of wages to his banker, during the negotiation phase, but this agreement is almost never included in the loan offer! In other words, nothing obliges you to respect this informal commitment over time.

If you ever want to change bank, for your main account, nothing prevents you (except in the rare cases of contracts incorporating a clause with a real individual counterpart). On the other hand, it will probably be necessary to keep an account in the lending bank, to be fed regularly, for the collection of loan payments.

New Lender Housing Loan Calculation Interest Rates

New Lender bank, like every bank, generally provides 80% credit for the house planned to be purchased between 1 Year (12 months) and 10 Years (120 months).

Interest-free housing loan installments


The New Lender bank implements a sound banking activity with the slogan “sound banking”. Apart from New Lender interest-free housing loan installments, there are extra expenses that we need to pay.

  • Residence insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Mortgage Fee
  • Appraisal Fee

The sum of the extra costs mentioned above is approximately 1300 USD.

New Lender housing loan conditions ;

  • We must be 18 years old.
  • Our proper payment of the loans we have received before.
  • Documenting our income.
  • If you are married, your spouse must have consent.
  • It must pass as a residential dwelling registered in the land registry.
  • The housing certificate must be obtained.

If we fulfill the above New Lender mortgage loan conditions, we can apply for a loan to the bank.

New Lender interest-free housing loan application documents;

  • Birth certificate
  • Invoice or residence document
  • Deed copy of the house we will buy
  • Our income certificate

New Lender Housing Loan Interest Rates?


New Lender bank does not offer excess interest rates like other participation and public banks. The borrower applies two types of interest to the borrower. It shows itself among other banks with its interest-free housing loan rates.

The interest rates given by the “sound banking” model are one step ahead of other banks with the payment plans it implements or presents. Generally, the amount we will withdraw at the New Lender bank is not important.

New Lender interest-free mortgage loan rates are as follows: 1 year (12 months) and 5 years (60 months) with a maturity loan calculation of 1.12%. Housing loan calculations are made for 6 years (72 months) and 10 years (120 months) with a rate of 1.14%.

New Lender Housing Loan Calculation Table?

New Lender Housing Loan Calculation Table?

We will try to give you examples below with the interest rates of the Kuveyt Turk minister we have given you above. In the table we give below, we will also share the expenses such as appraisal fee, mortgage fee received by New Lender bank.

5 years (60 months) 12 times 10 = 120
Home Loan Calculation with 1.12% Interest Rate Home Loan Calculation with 1.14% Interest Rate
Loan Amount 100,000 USD Loan Amount 100,000 USD
Profit Rate 1.12% Profit Rate 01.14%
Allocation Fee 500 USD Allocation Fee 500 USD
Mortgage Fee 225 TRY Mortgage Fee 225 TRY
Appraisal Fee 915 USD Appraisal Fee 915 USD
Monthly Installment 2.73 USD Monthly Installment 1.534 USD
Total amount 1 USD Total amount 184.017 USD

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How to Get Interest-Free Housing Loans

When we look, many banks give loans. Some banks offer retirement interest-free housing loans.

These banks generally give 10 to 15 times the pension. Banks, which offer retirement interest-free housing loans, also set the retirement age limit.

Take an interest-free housing loan with a term of 5 years 


The highest age level is based on 80. To give an example, a 75-year-old pensioner can take an interest-free housing loan with a term of 5 years (60 months). We have listed below the participation banks that provide retirement interest-free housing loans.

The calculation made in the table above may vary according to the current loan interest rates. There are some expense items while retirees take home loans.

    • The cost of 5 files per thousand is deducted from the loan amount.
    • Life insurance. Personal accident insurance.
    • In the case of a mortgage loan, mortgage and appraisal expenses are incurred.

Banks That Offer Interest-Free Housing Loans?

Banks That Offer Interest-Free Housing Loans?

Banks that offer interest-free housing loans are considered as Islamic banks or interest-free banks worldwide. Turkey ranks as the participation of banks in general. Interest-free loan calculation works with the principle of being a shareholder of the bank’s profit and loss.

Banks receive funds from their own customers and give them new loans in the real sector as loans, and distribute the collected profit to their own customers. Another institution that gives interest-free housing loans is GFIC.

GFIC gave the interest-free housing loan to the families of the police officers who died in 1985 for the first time. GFIC does not remain with this. On 21 September 1991, it was the institution that issued an interest-free housing loan to disabled people, relatives of martyrs,

Cyprus veterans, widows, and orphans, as well as commander veterans, with the official newspaper announcement, numbered 20998. It was repealed in 2014 with the regulation numbered 28912.

Interest-free housing loans will be applied according to the old regulation


Those who previously used interest-free housing loans will be applied according to the old regulation. Participation banks that offer interest-free housing loans are listed below.

It is possible to take out loans with suitable interest rates and long terms by making use of Housing support loan campaigns announced by these banks from time to time.

When applying to banks, you should take the documents you need to take with you and carry the necessary conditions. Then your loan application will enter the evaluation process.

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