Bank loan: Why do companies require a earnings certificate?

Today we will tell you why loan companies require the presentation of such a document and whether you can borrow money without a salary certificate.

To get a bank loan or credit, in most cases you will need to provide the lender with a salary certificate.

loan credit

A statement of earnings may be necessary when taking a loan in bank, but also when taking a non-bank installment loan.

Why an earnings certificate?

credit loan

Installment loans and credits are financial products that I usually pay back for over a dozen or even several dozen months.

When granting a loan, the lender must be sure that our financial standing allows us to repay the obligation on time.

Based on your earnings and monthly financial commitments, you’ll be able to accurately assess this.

The higher the amount of monthly receipts, the more money we can borrow.

Security for the lender

The document from the employer will therefore allow the bank (or loan company) to properly secure its interests and minimize the likelihood of late repayment or total inability to return the loan.

Certificate and statement about the amount of earnings

If you plan to take a quick non-bank loan (payday payday loan), the lender will not require you to provide an income certificate. This situation may also be encountered in some banks or by taking a non-bank installment loan.

Instead of an income statement, all you need is your statement and declaration of the amount of income you receive.

However, remember that by borrowing money for the statement you will be able to receive no more than several thousand zlotys.

To borrow a higher amount you will need a certificate from your workplace.

Loan without income certificates

Loan without income certificates

If you do not want to (or cannot) provide the lender with an income certificate, you can get a loan without a certificate. Such loans, offered by non-bank financial institutions, are a great way to finance unplanned expenses that you can’t wait for.

If you have never used the services of a loan company before, you will be able to borrow up to USD 3,000.

All you need to get a loan is a computer with internet access, ID card, account number and mobile phone number.

You will take all the necessary steps online, and you will be able to receive additional money even within 15 minutes of the lender’s positive decision.

Bank Loans and Calculation

Good Finance Bank offers its customers and consumers individual loans with different interest rates and convenient interest rates. With these easy and fast loans, Good Finance Bank finds solutions to the urgent cash needs of all its customers.

Loan interest rates vary depending on the type of loan


Good Finance Bank generally provides all loan terms as 60 months. Loan interest rates vary depending on the type of loan. It offers the option of paying your loan installments in seven different ways.

We collected all personal loans of Good Finance Bank and consumer loans under the name of the campaign under a single topic.

Good Finance Bank Credit Payment Options;

  1. With monthly installments
  2. Ascending installment
  3. With decreasing installment
  4. 3 months deferred monthly equal installments
  5. Equal installment every 3 months
  6. Balloon payment in the last installment
  7. Variable installment

Good Finance Bank Consumer Loan Types;

  • Necessity Loan with Installments
  • Mortgage Requirement Installment Loan
  • Requirement Loan with Installments for Car Pawn
  • Individual Workplace Loan
  • Requirement Loan for Land Mortgage Reserve

Good Finance Bank Credit Campaigns;

  • Personal finance credit
  • Good Finance Bank Instant Loan
  • Good Finance Bank Installment Loan

Let us help you find the most suitable loan and most suitable campaign with the Good Finance Bank consumer loan types and loan campaigns listed above.

Good Finance Bank Necessity Loan 2019


Necessity Loan with Installments

It is an individual loan offered for almost all your cash needs (marriage, education, white goods, furniture, etc.) in installment loan. You can get the credit term option as 3 months and 60 months.

The interest rate is calculated as 1.69%. As a payment option, you can choose the most suitable payment for you with equal installments or variable installments every 3 months. Life insurance is provided to those who want to get credit. The loan is given against collateral.

When applying for a loan with installment needs, the required forms and documents (may be a identity card or driver’s license) may request a guarantee and additional documents according to the type of loan. In the table below, Good Finance Bank 50.000 TL installment loan has been calculated for you.

Mortgage Requirement Installment Loan

Mortgage Requirement Installment Loan

You can find a solution to your urgent cash needs by getting your mortgage loan in return for mortgage, or the real estate belonging to the relatives of the first creek. The upper limit of the loan is limited to 80% of the house you mortgage. You can choose the number of terms between 3 months and 60 months.

The interest rate is calculated from 0.98%. You can pay equal installments or variable installments every 3 months. Life insurance is provided to the loaned person. Housing package insurance is provided for the mortgaged real estate. Insurance is renewed every year.