Banks that give credit cards to housewives 2019

Credit cards that housewives can buy are cards issued at low limits to meet the needs of women who do not work by banks and do not have an income certificate.

A certificate of income is not required when applying for credit cards, which are usually between 500 USD and 2000 USD. Banks that give housewives credit cards ;

Credit Card Application to Housewives


GFI Credit Card Application and Features for Housewives

With GFI She Credit Card exclusively for women, you can divide your spending over 200 USD into 3 free installments.

The opportunity to earn an extra 5% bonus on your clothing and cosmetics purchases is also offered at Good Finance exclusively for women. You can also divide your health, skincare and hairdressing expenses by 3. For GFI She card application;

  • Enter the official website of GFI bank.
  • Select “Cards”, then “Credit Cards” from the main menu and “GFI She Card” from the side menu on the page that opens.
  • Click on the “Apply Now” button.
  • You can complete the application by filling out the 4-page form that comes up.

You can also make your application on the way to GFI branches.

My Lady Good Finance Budget is My Card

Ladies who think of their budget can apply for the application of Good Finance Credit Card from Good Finance by phone, message, branch or online.

You can easily check your spending with your Budget My Credit Card and set your monthly limit yourself. You can also invest and save money by placing a Gold account investment order on your credit card.

You can shop for free with bonuses by earning a bonus with Good Finance Kart, which you can use anywhere in the world. Good Finance Budget My Card application;

Honest Bank 


Honest Bank credit card is one of the cards that housewives and non-employed can easily get and there is no annual fee. You can apply for a credit card at the branches, via the Internet or by SMS. You can write BANKO blank TC ID Number and send SMS to 8444. A low limit credit card will be sent initially.

However, you can increase your limit by making regular payments in the future. To increase the limit, you can apply from online banking or telephone banking.

You can use your Honest Bank Card credit card for your domestic or international expenses without paying an annual fee.

Across Lender Undocumented Credit Card Application

Since Across Lender credit card can be obtained by making an application without documents, it can be easily taken as a credit card for housewives, even though it is not a special card for women.

By applying easily and quickly, you can get your card delivered to your address without having to go to the branch. You can earn chip-money and benefit from discounts at Across Lender member merchants.

You can easily apply by filling out the form on the Across Lender official website.

Requirements for Housewives’ Credit Card Applications


Although housewives card application requirements are determined as the only applications made by the banks mentioned above, in some cases, documents may be requested.

If you are a housewife, you can try to get a credit card by applying to banks other than the ones mentioned above. Your requirements for credit card applications for housewives may be;

  • The guarantor can be requested. A guarantee can be requested from people who do not have an income certificate when issuing a credit card. The guarantor must have proof of income and a high credit rating.
  • You can get a credit card with a mortgage. In this way, you may be asked for goods such as land, land, and home.
  • Showing additional income may make it easier to get a credit card. If you have earnings like rent, you can show it as an additional income.

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