Loan for those in debt – check if it is possible

Are you in debt The creditor entered your data in the register of debtors? Or maybe due to wrong decisions, your credit history at BIK leaves a lot to be desired? If your bank has refused you a loan because of this, don’t wring your hands. By using a non-bank lender you can still get a loan. Even being in debt.

Borrowing money by a person in debt will definitely not be easy. Fortunately, it won’t be impossible either.

Bank loan for those in debt

debt loan

When applying for a loan in a bank, you must take into account that the lender will thoroughly review the amount and stability of your income, amounts of current financial obligations, credit history at the Credit Information Bureau and status at the Economic Information Bureaus.

Unfortunately, any scratches on your image will result in a negative decision. If you are indebted, have low BIK scores or your data is in the register of debtors, it will not be possible to get a bank loan.

However, an alternative to a bank loan may be to get a loan from a non-bank institution.

A non-bank loan for those in debt

A non-bank loan for those in debt

Contrary to popular belief, obtaining a non-bank loan by an indebted person will not be a proverbial piece of cake. Many lenders, like banks, verify the resources of BIK and BIGs, checking the credibility of a potential customer. So, the key to success is to find the institution that does not look into the “sensitive” base in the process of verifying its repayment ability.

Short-term payday without BIK

Short-term payday without BIK

Verifying your creditworthiness, banks and most loan companies look into the registers of the Credit Information Bureau. Low scoring in BIK can effectively cross your chances of receiving additional funds.

If you are also struggling with a negative credit history, submit an application to one of the institutions listed below:

  • Halopo┼╝yczka
  • Ferratum
  • Wandoo
  • Cheap Credit
  • Cash register maker
  • Ofin
  • Chwilówkomat

Quick Loan without BIG

An unfavorable credit history is not the only problem for indebted customers.

An obstacle to receiving money may also be entries in the databases of Economic Information Bureaus, colloquially called “registers of debtors”. If your data is in the National Debt Register, the loan will be given to you by Advance (formerly Cash) or Fenio. 

Loan with a bailiff

If your account was taken by a bailiff, it will be even more difficult to get a loan. However, there is a company on the market that will lend you money even with bailiffs.

Before you reach for a loan for those in debt

Remember that an ill-considered, impulse decision can significantly worsen your financial situation. So before you sign the loan agreement, make sure you can pay the debt back on time.

Even small repayment delays can expose you to costly and stressful consequences in the form of default interest, debt collection procedures and even court and enforcement proceedings.

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